Postnatal care Mandurah

Welcome to the 4th trimester

The postnatal period, often called the 4th trimester, is a joyous time but also a time to heal and adjust to the new situation.
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Congratulations, you’ve got a baby! This precious time, also called the 4th trimester, describes the postpartum period starting from the day your baby was born until he or she turns 3 months old. 

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Postnatal care Mandurah

Postnatal appointments at Nest Medical

Our commitment to you

After your baby is born, you can continue to see our midwives as often as you need to for the first 6 weeks. These appointments are all bulk billed and can either take place at home or at Nest Medical. All women are offered 2 postnatal home visits with a Nest Medical midwife, private patients are entitled to unlimited weekly postnatal home visits as long as they live in our catchment area.

Between 6-8 weeks we book mum and baby in with one of our midwives and GP obstetricians for a postnatal check. At this check, the baby is given their first vaccinations.

After this 6-8 week check we return you to the care of your GP or if you don’t have a GP then you can continue to come to our practice and see our GP or our paediatric nurse.

For a complete list of childhood immunisations, please check the WA Immunisation Schedule.

4th trimester

Ask questions, address concerns

The postnatal period is extremely important as it affects how well you adjust to parenthood and how well you recover after pregnancy and birth. 

“Newborn babies don’t come with an instruction manual and a lot of new parents are left floundering if they don’t have adequate support around them including good postnatal care.”

Kim Hanly - Midwife at Nest Medical

Kim Hanly

Midwife at Nest Medical in Mandurah

That’s why we offer follow-ups with our midwives and lactation consultants. 

Personalised care at Nest Medical

After discharge from the hospital a lot of women find it beneficial to have a debrief appointment with one of our midwives. 

This allows you to reflect on the birth experience and is an opportunity to address concerns about your own health or, your baby’s health. It is also a good time to ask questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question and it’s ok to ask for help when you need it.

“We will weigh your baby which is always an exciting moment. Any questions or concerns about feeding and settling your baby will be addressed. “

Martine Lee - Midwife at Nest Medical

Martine Lee

Midwife at Nest Medical in Mandurah

If you are having issues with breastfeeding then we encourage you to book in with our lactation consultant. While 90% of women commence breastfeeding while in hospital, only ⅓ are still exclusively breastfeeding at 3 months. 

“During a lactation consult, I will watch you feed your baby and discuss your concerns. I will check for tongue ties and come up with a breastfeeding plan to try and address whatever the concerns are. A lot of women will have weekly lactation follow-up appointments until they feel breastfeeding is back on track.”

Elaine Daniels - Lactation consultant and midwife at Nest Medical

Elaine Daniels

Lactation consultant and midwife at Nest Medical in Mandurah

Breastfeeding is natural but not always easy and it is a skill that needs to be learnt rather than just coming naturally – a bit like riding a bike.

As humans we produce breast milk that is perfectly suited for our newborn baby and offers everything a baby needs to grow and thrive but feeding this breast milk to our baby is sometimes challenging.

The breastfeeding workshop is an essential first step on your breastfeeding journey as you will take away from this workshop lots of tips and tricks as well as a wealth of information on normal newborn feeding and sleeping behaviour.

After your baby is born, our lactation consultant Elaine Daniels is available for ongoing support and advice if you need assistance with feeding. This support is offered whether you are breast or bottle feeding. Sometimes babies develop dietary intolerances, reflux, have a tongue tie or just aren’t gaining weight as well as we would like and Elaine can assist you with any of these issues plus many more.

Elaine has the support of the doctors at Nest Medical if more complicated situations arise that need medical intervention. The main reason new mums stop breastfeeding is because they think they don’t have enough breast milk even when this is not the case – having ongoing support from a lactation consultant after your baby is born can help reduce this worry as well as many other normal, new mum anxieties.

Postnatal physiotherapy can start in the first few weeks after either a vaginal or a caesarean birth. Research is showing that your postnatal recovery is still occurring between 6 – 12 months after the birth, or longer. This means that you can benefit from postnatal physiotherapy 1 year, 2 years, 5 or more years after pregnancy and birth if your abdominals are still weakened and stretched, or you have any pelvic floor issues.

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Postnatal care Mandurah

Recovery after birth

How can I prepare for optimal postnatal recovery?

Lots of women in preconception, nurture their bodies to prepare for pregnancy. They manage their sleep and stress levels, make sure they move enough, they eat well and often take prenatal vitamins. 

During pregnancy, they attend antenatal visits with our midwives or GP obstetrician to stay on top of their health and that of their developing baby.

Then, they give birth, and their baby becomes the main focus. Self-care and recovery tend to take a backseat. Sounds familiar?

“It is very common to focus on this amazing little miracle you have made. But, your own health and your postnatal recovery are important too after you have given birth.”
Laura Smithwick - Midwife at Nest Medical

Laura Smithwick

Midwife at Nest Medical in Mandurah

So when you are reading this during pregnancy, you can prepare yourself for the postnatal period. The better prepared your body is physically for labour and birth, the better your recovery usually is. 

“Women who maintain a degree of general fitness through their pregnancy, attend antenatal classes, do regular pelvic floor and abdominal bracing exercises to keep these muscles strong and mentally prepare themselves for labour and birth usually recover quicker. “
Dianne Edmonds - Physiotherapist at Nest Medical

Dianne Edmonds

Physiotherapist at Nest Medical in Mandurah

Adequate rest and good nutrition are also very important towards the end of pregnancy to ensure you go into labour, birth and the postnatal period feeling as healthy as possible. 

After the birth, returning to pelvic floor and abdominal bracing exercises as soon as you feel comfortable to do so, eating well, resting often and seeking help as soon as you need it are all very important.

“You need to feel that it is ok to ask for help from others even if it is to do the routine things like cooking a meal and hanging out the washing.” 

Dr Peter Kell - Nest Medical

Christine Coleman

Psychologist at Nest Medical in Mandurah

Women shouldn’t feel that they have to be super mum and care for their baby plus do everything else that society expects of them. Having lots of help and support is very important in the early weeks after having a baby. 

Christine Coleman

BA in Psychology/Education, BEd (Education/Counselling), Masters of Applied Psychology

Our in-house psychologist; Christine Coleman works with our patients to create plans to improve emotional health and well-being as well as how to make meaningful changes to reach their goals. Christine has over 25 years of experience working in both public and private practice with a broad range or psychological presentations.

Christine is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and has full registration with the Psychology Board of Australia/Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA).

As a psychologist, Christine enjoys meeting people and working together to help them regain a sense of well-being and balance in life. Every person is unique and it is satisfying to gently look at unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and find ways to respond differently which contribute to positive changes in their life. In her free time, Christine enjoys exploring nature reserves or going for long beach walks and trips to the theatre.

Dianne Edmonds

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), Elite Personal Trainer (Cert III and IV in Fitness ) from Australian Fitness Network

Dianne Edmonds is a physiotherapist and antenatal educator who has a special interest in pregnancy and postnatal health and fitness and has been working in the area for over 20 years. She has a focus on pregnancy and postnatal core training including creating education courses in this area for fitness professionals through AIF Network in Australia, and Fitpro in the UK. She has helped develop the Pre and Postnatal Exercise Guidelines for AusActive, to guide women and fitness professionals around pregnancy and postnatal fitness.

At Nest Medical, Dianne is involved in running our antenatal classes; Pregnancy Essentials and Preparation for Childbirth with our midwives.

Dianne hosts the Running to the Core podcast focusing on postnatal return to fitness, available on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Louise Pattison

Endorsed midwife

Bio coming soon

Corrinne Thorneycroft

Endorsed midwife

Bio coming soon

Martine Lee


Martine was born in North East Arnhem Land and moved to Mandurah as a child. Prior to working in health care, she worked in the banking sector. 

Completing her Bachelor of Nursing in 2013 and Graduate Diploma in Midwifery in 2017, she is now furthering her studies in Child and Adolescent Health.

Martine had her own children through Nest Medical and joined the team in 2018. When not at work, Martine enjoys spending time cooking, hiking and camping with her family.

Kim Hanly


Kim mainly grew up in Perth with some time spent in Queensland. After completing a Bachelor of Nursing at Edith Cowan University, Kim worked at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital as a Registered Nurse and then completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery. During her 20s, Kim lived in Seattle USA where she worked as an Obstetric Nurse.

Kim has focused on all areas of midwifery, from antenatal clinic, through to birth suite and the postnatal ward. Kim worked in Osborne Park Hospital before joining the practice in April 2011 and in addition to her role as a midwife, now teaches the 3 antenatal education classes that she has developed over the years.

Card making, reading and travelling tends to fill up her free time as well as taxiing her children to swimming, drama and sailing.

Elaine Daniels

RN, RM, Graduate Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Elaine grew up in Perth and has a Diploma of applied Science (Nursing), Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing), Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nursing & Midwifery and a Graduate Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education.

After starting her career as a general nurse working at Royal Perth Hospital in the early 90s, Elaine lived in England then travelled around Europe and Africa. On returning to Australia in 1996, Elaine worked in Royal Perth Hospital then at Warren District Hospital in Manjimup where she completed her midwifery qualification. In 1999 Elaine moved to Mandurah and working at Peel Health Campus and the Australian Nursing Federation before joining the Nest family in 2012. Elaine has just passed the IBLCE Certification Examination and has the right to use the title International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) helping more women with any breastfeeding concerns and questions.

Outside of work, Elaine is very family focused; actively involved with the local Surf Life Saving Club, and taking her children to numerous dance recitals and swim carnivals!

Dr Michelle Howell


Dr Michelle Howell is an Australian-based health professional. Michelle is trained as a paediatrician and practices in Mandurah.

Special interests:

  • Managing ADHD,
  • Autism spectrum disorder,
  • Learning difficulties and
  • Developmental delay.

Dr Gregg Eloundou


Dr Gregg Eloundou is an outstanding consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist offering services in all aspects of obstetrics care and also has a wide range of experience in office, outpatient and surgical gynaecology.

Special interests:

  • Menstrual and bleeding disorders
  • Pelvic pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Colposcopy
  • Fertility investigation
  • Menopause
  • Minimal access surgery

Professional membership:

  • Member of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists – United Kingdom
  • Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Australian Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology

Dr Alex Thng

GP Mandurah

Bio coming soon

Dr Karine Hay

MBBS, DCH, Bachelor of Nursing

Dr Karine Hay loves all areas of medicine, but has a particular interest in children and women’s health. Prior to working as a GP, Karine worked at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) for 3 years, alongside WA’s best paediatricians, and completed her Diploma of Child Health during this time. Because of her love of paediatric medicine, Karine continues to work part time in the Emergency Department at the Perth Children’s Hospital, which helps to keep her skills and knowledge up to date. 

Since graduating from the University of Notre Dame Medical School in 2011, Karine has also spent time working in Fremantle Hospital and KEMH for women, and has experience in general adult medicine, psychiatry, general surgery, and all areas of women’s health including IUD insertion.

Prior to studying medicine, Karine worked as a Clinical Nurse at PMH for 10 years, predominantly in the Intensive Care Unit.

When not at work, you will find Karine enjoying family time, reading fiction novels, down the beach, and spending time with friends.

Dr Danni Gitsham

GP Obstetrician

Dr Danni Gitsham is a GP Obstetrician who studied at The University of Melbourne and completed her Advanced diploma of obstetrics and gynaecology at King Edward Memorial Hospital. 

She is a rural generalist, holding a fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. Danni has worked in various places around Australia, including Perth, Karratha, Darwin and Gladstone in central Queensland and has volunteered in Papua New Guinea.

Danni also holds a Masters of Public Health and tropical medicine and has an interest in travel medicine.

Dr Peter Kell

GP Obstetrician/Director. MBBS, FRACGP, DRANZCOG (Adv) GP Obestrician (C-Level)

Peter grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, before moving to WA. Before medicine he worked as an electroplater and metallurgist, then studied Alternative Medicine. Married with 6 children – He is a committed Christian with a deep desire to help and support people, and to always act with honesty, integrity and love. 

Peter is a GP-Obstetrician, MBBS (UWA) FRACGP (Fellow Royal Australian College GP), DRANZCOG (Adv.) (Advanced diploma or Royal Australian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Graduate Diploma Rural GP, CCPU (Certificate Clinician Performed Ultrasound). Adjunct Lecturer (University of Note Dame GP-Obstetric representative Woman and Children’s Health Networks Doh WA. Chair of Obstetric review Committee PHC (8 yrs), Member MAC PHC (8 yrs).

He founded Nest Medical, then called Peel Maternity and Family practice, in 2006, a unique collaboration of GP-Obstetricians, midwives, specialists and allied health practitioners. He is passionate about improving care for pregnant women, both in pregnancy and delivery. He believes good maternity care requires a team of doctors and midwives, along with allied health professions, working together without competition. Outside of work and when not on call, Peter enjoys spending time with family and friends, sometime over a glass of his favourite wine!